Sick of countless attempts and fails to land your first Raley or Backroll?

Tired of always doing the same old tricks?

With the first 
by Fetzy, you'll learn the

Raley In 10 Days

+ over 50 Tricks!

What to expect from this online course with Daniel Fetz:

  • Painless: Learn Raley and Backroll fast and without getting hurt
  • Build a foundation: basic tricks, mechanics, trampoline exercises, terminology and theory you need as building blocks for your first Raleys and Backrolls
  • 33 clips: loads of instructions! More than two hours of videos to go - learn at home, practice on the cable with a tablet or smartphone



"After painful experience of learning the first invert on my own, my head felt quite blocked. Your method helped me landing my first Raley - in such a short amount of time! "

Peter, 43

"R10 is the best online coaching I've ever had. Not only was the editing, the content and the effects great, Fetzy helped doing my first Raley- something I thought would be impossible!"

Gretchen, 24

"In R10 it's not just about one trick as you may think because of its name. It's more about a complete philosophy and way, how to approach your first raley or backroll. Specially all the step-by-step basics are a very important part. Therefor Fetzy participated his experience of more than a century of coaching and his enthusiasm, which will bring every wakeboarder ahead individually - no doubt, R10 is absolutely recommendable. Have fun and "a good flight"

Ben Wiedenhofer

15 Years of Coaching Experience

Learn from a pro: Daniel Fetz, European- and vice Worldchamp -
a true legend! His wakeboard camp "Fetzysworld" (AUT) has the reputation as one of the best schools in the world.

2 Hours of Tutorials

33 methodically structured clips,
over 50 tricks including many helpful animations and filmed from different angels. Trampoline exercises, essential theory explained in detail - "on the Go" with your tablet or smartphone. 

1 Million views

This big number of views on the HOW2WAKE youtube channel (former known as "rixentricktips") speak for itself. Get motivated and join the group of our satisfied students around the globe! 


and you will learn all the basic tricks to get a solid foundation to land your first RALEY or BACKROLL


Take a look on some sneak previews of the course and get an impression on how professional, loving and enthusiastic Fetzy shares his druid knowledge with you.



The following chapters are waiting for you, get an overview of the full Raley in 10 Days online course here:

Day 1 - Introduction (4 min.)

Day 2 - Methodik

2.1 Terminology & Variations (6 min.)
2.2 Bilateral Effect (4 min.)
2.3 Differentiated Learning (3 min.)
2.4 The Environment (2 min.)

Day 3 - Trampoline

3.1 CG Center of Gravity (3 min.)
3.2 Rope Tension (3 min.)
3.3 Take off (2 min.)
3.4 Handlepass (2 min.)
3.5 Wrapped & Tic Tac (2 min.)
3.6 Backroll (9 min.)
3.7 Raley + Magic 90s (6 min.)

Day 4 - Ollie

4.1 House of Cards (2 min.)
4.2 Injury Prevention (1 min.)
4.3 The Fundament (8 min.)

Day 5 - 180s

5.1 The Iceberg (2 min.)
5.2 The Goldenen 8 (6 min.)

Day 6 - 360

6.1 Self Confidence & Trust (1 min.)
6.2 The Last Pre Exercise (2 min.)

Day 7 - Invert Theory

7.1 The Principle (5 min.)
7.2 Bad Advice (6 min.)
7.3 The 3 Most Important Things (7 min.)
7.4 Head To Toe (11 min.)
7.5 Raley vs Backroll (2 min.)
7.6 System 2.0 vs. Fullsize Cable (3 min.)

Day 8 - Raley

8.1 Stomach-Raley-Start (2 min.)
8.2 Corner-Raley (4 min.)
8.3 Raley (7 min.)

Day 9 - Backroll

9.1 Backroll vs Backroll revert (2 min.)
9.2 Backroll (2 min.)

Day 10 - Transfer to Fullsize Cable

10.1 Attention (2 min.)
10.2 Raley & Backroll (2 min.)
10.3 Outro (1 min.)

"If you want to learn something you have never done, you have to do something you have never done"


100% Compatibility 

For advanced riders and beginners (even without pre knowledge) - be able to ride and you will reach your goal. 

The Fetzy Pro Tip: 

As good as Fetzy's Wakeboardcamp: increase your skills with this online course no matter where you ride! 


I want the knowledge of Fetzy and benefit from over a century of coaching experience.


Learn over 50 tricks!

After many years of teaching, over and over it has turned out that most riders are missing their basics and they want too much too soon. If you take the time and invest in your foundation, you will reach your goal faster.

That's why R10 offers a comprehensive package. Besides Raley and Backroll you will also learn over 30 other basic tricks, which are necessary as important building blocks for your first flight through the air.

1. Ollie Frogs
2. Switch Ollie Frogs
3. Plan Ollie
4. Switch Plan Ollie
5. Toeside Ollie
6. Toeside Ollie Grab
7. Switch Toeside Ollie
8. Switch Toeside Ollie Grab
9. Heelside Ollie
10. Heelside Ollie Grab
11. Switch Heelside Ollie
12. Switch Heelside Ollie Grab
13. Surface Toeside Frontside 180
14. Ollie Toeside Frontside 180
15. Ollie Toeside Frontside 180 Grab
16. Switch Surface Toeside Frontside 180
17. Switch Ollie Toeside Frontside 180
18. Switch Ollie Toeside Frontside 180 Grab
19. Surface Heelside Frontside 180
20. Ollie Heelside Frontside 180
21. Ollie Heelside Frontside 180 Grab
22. Switch Surface Heelside Frontside 180
23. Switch Ollie Heelside Frontside 180
24. Switch Ollie Heelside Frontside 180 Grab
25. Surface Heelside Backside 180
26. Ollie Heelside Backside 180
27. Switch Surface Heelside Backside 180

28. Switch Ollie Heelside Backside 180
29. Surface Toeside Backside 180
30. Ollie Toeside Backside 180
31. Buttered Ollie Toeside Backside 180
32. Surface Toeside Frontside 360
33. Ollie Toeside Frontside 360
34. Ollie Toeside Frontside 360 Grab
35. Tic Tac Ollie Toeside Frontside 360
36. Switch Surface Toeside Frontside 360
37. Switch Ollie Toeside Frontside 360
38. Switch Ollie Toeside Frontside 360 Grab
39. Switch Tic Tac Ollie Toeside Frontside 360
40. Stomachraley
41. Switch Stomachraley
42. Cornerraley
43. Switch Cornerraley
44. Raley
45. Raley To Revert
46. 911
47. Switch Raley
48. Switch Raley To Revert
49. Switch 911
50. Corner Backroll
51. Backroll
52. Backroll To Revert
53. Switch Kurven Backroll
54. Switch Backroll
55. Switch Backroll To Revert


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